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How it all started...

Pete (Sneaky Pete) gave Juan a 5 year old bouganvillia...


"Don't kill it! And get a new pot for it because I want this pot back..."

Then Cheryl went and got a bonsai from Ray.

Then Kathy got several bonsai from Ray.

The Juan got a eugenia from Ray.

Then Juan traded Ray some of his art for a Chinese elm.

Then Kathy bought some more bonsai from Ray.

Then Pete smiled and said, "I think I started something here..."

Then Juan gave Pete 6 oak saplings.

And the circle is complete,but ever expanding.

Now Pete and Juan are looking to dig up friends yards this winter for potensai:Myrtles,raintrees,cypress,mimosas,maples,junipers,etc.

Next Winter, Pete will school the rest of us in gathering a maple from Juan's yard. Sounds like fun!